Sunday, July 6, 2008

Boscoe's Big Day

Well, tomorrow is the day of Boscoe's surgery to fix his poor torn ligaments. I'm terrified but it has to be done so I just have to buck up. He doesn't seem to care...of course he doesn't do calendars.

Tonight he got a nice steak, with quick fried zucchini and squash...with a little kibble for interest. And he got a new bed at Petsmart...the second one in 3 weeks...that he actually really likes. The other one he doesn't like at all and the cat has claimed with territorial zeal.

He is a nice array of pictures of my big man lately. Everyone, wish him luck, good health, a smooth surgery and to not become addicted to prescription pain pills.

Here here is watching fireflies in the yard. The early ones with a yellow single flash were all around him

Boscoe has the sweetest little dome head, don't you think?

This is a rather embarrassing one, but I gotta admit I do the "dance" to get them moving. It has been raining the last couple of days and neither one of them wants to go out and do their last business of the night when it is wet. So I get them all riled up by doing the dance and talking like an idiot and then they go. If you look at the bottom you can see Boscoe with his head tilted to the side and grinning.

And here is Boscoe giving Gigi a little smoochie-poo. Enough said.

Wish him luck....

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