Thursday, October 2, 2008

Way Overdue Update with Loads of News.

Hello All!

Yes, I am in fact, still alive! Yes, I'm still gardening and yes, I'm a total loser for not updating in 3 ridiculous months. However, I will give you all the scoop, do a bit of show and tell and then start into all the lovely planning and mooning over next years garden.

But first...why exactly haven't I updated, you ask? Well, a combination of things sort of came all at once. Number 1, I actually got a social life and started dating. Nope, no boyfriend but the looking can be fun.

Second, my garden got totally pummeled by the effects of 2 tropical cyclones followed by a lovely nor'easter that would have pulled the nail polish off your fingers. Oh, and did I mention the flooding? Yeah, baby...that's the way we like to garden.

All that aside, above we have a nice picture from the first of October and the harvest for that day. Even though most people are closing up shop in their gardens around then, I was still harvesting truly fantastic amounts of warm weather veggies even after all the weather woes. It was right about that time I started to see some recovery on the plants damaged by falling limbs and the like...just in time for them to start shutting down production!

For anyone curious, you can see one instance of the flooding at the front side of my house in the first above picture and what the backyard looked like the next morning in the second one. I know it is quite blurry, but at the point this photo was taken, the house at the end of the cul de sac had water in their garage and the water level came up to mid thigh on me. And no, this water isn't nasty. It is just the tidally influenced river during high tide combined with storm surge. No sewage or mess like that. Nothing ever touched my house during all of these, but my yard in the back...oi vay!

And here, for the truly discriminating Boscoe fan, is the Lederhosen himself looking oh, so happy to be trying on his Halloween costume. Umm....he decided to be a devil instead and Gigi was the Ladybug. I just couldn't handle the big man having to look like such a pansy. He actually did like his little devil costume, I think. He chewed it with great gusto.

Now, I'm working on the SuperPost of the tentative garden plan for next year and the Harvest Wrap Up post for this year. I'll be posting them soon and, scout's honor, I won't be such a non-updating loser without notice again!

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Holly said...

Glad to see you back! Love you lots sister!