Friday, December 12, 2008

No Garden, Just Dogs

Not much happening on the garden front, what with it being winter and all. Yes, the Brussels sprouts are growing as are the carrots and beets, albeit slowly. Yes, I do plan to get my act in gear with much raised bed building and dirt moving...but not today and not till after the holidays.

Today, I'm just posting a couple of pics of winter behavior. When it is cold and rainy and just plain ucky outside, this is what you are likely to find in the late afternoon on my couch.

Just the fact that someone was able to stand so close to us and get a picture should tell you exactly how far out into nap-land we were! Beagles make the warmest snugglers, don't they?

And this irresistible photo is Vanna snuggling with the her crate! For some reason this just cracks me up and I thought you all, (Mom, Amelia and Holly, I'm talkin' to you), might enjoy it too.

Till next time...


Savanna Baltero said...

Hahaha Who took that photo of you and Boscoe sleeping? Well whoever did I give 'em props cause you are a very light sleeper. =P
And as for the second picture, yes I do like to lay in the dog crate. I don't know why but I do. Yea I know I know, I'm weird. =)

ChristyACB said...

Oh Vanna, you come by it honestly! You aren't the only one that lays in the crate!