Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ginger Beer Results...Delicious!

Delicious, Ice-Cold Ginger Beer

My first batch of Ginger beer didn't really trip my trigger much. It was just a tad too blah for me. So, I spiced things up a bit and added more lemon this time and used a lot more fresh ginger.

Whoooyaaaa...can I even begin to describe the delicousness? I think not.

The taste is sweet, spicy, a bit citrus-y, a bit bubbly like champagne and utterly refreshing.

I used plastic water bottles, which I rarely have but did after my Mom came to visit. You can use bigger bottles however the bubbliness of it will go away if not used within a day or so. Smaller bottles mean you get fizz the whole way.

As for alcohol content, I do think I might have a little in mine. I'm a notorious lightweight and my lips get numb after the first sip of wine or spirits. When drinking this, I don't necessarily feel anything but my lips get numb after a glass for a little while. So...maybe a little.

Mine got very fizzy. Perhaps that had something to do with the alcohol content.

A word of caution though. Please don't be tempted (like I was) to use all glass bottles. If you can't stomach plastic, which I normally detest also, be sure to have at least one bottle of your batch in plastic to act as a tell-tale bottle! Mine seemed to not be making pressure at all, so I relaxed about it. I came down the next morning to all my bottles bulging and unable to stand up from the pressure in them. While I hurredly put them in the frig and stopped the process safely, glass would have been a huge mess all over the counter

If anyone else does this, let me know how it goes for you, please.


Kristina said...

That looks wonderful! Oh goody, something else to try. Something else I won't need to rely on the grocery store for. Yay.

ATW said...

Oh wow, I can almost taste the ginger and lemon and that spark of "Yah-man!! that hits the center to the back of your palate is awesome. My grandmother is from Nigeria and she makes ginger beer all of the time. Hers BTW, I think you may need a prescription because of the copious amounts of ginger and cloves she adds to it. Oh boy now I want some ginger beer.

Ruralrose said...

Thanks for linking the recipe. I am gonna try it. I have lots of ginger root frozen. Do you make root beer too? Great post. Peace

ChicagoMike said...

That is REALLY cool!!

I may have to try that with my daughters!