Monday, March 29, 2010

Giant Parsnip

You know how you almost always miss one or two carrots or parsnips during harvest? Either because you've topped it but didn't get it out all the way and forgotten or just somehow overlooked it when the foliage died back?

Well, sometimes you get a giant!

This puppy came out with a great deal of effort along with 2 others of normal size. This giant one finally broke off about halfway down in order to come out. The others were about 16 inches long. Amazing!

Now, how will it taste? No clue. I usually leave parsnips in the garden during winter to harvest after the first freeze but I seem to have missed a couple of dozen. One or two I'll leave for new seed, but the rest have to get eaten. Anyone know if there is something special I should do to cook these over-wintered giants?

Boscoe is amazed also. I believe that look means; "So, can I eat that one too?"


jean said...

We used to put parsnips in soup, and the kids would fight for them.

(not really fight, just brag about how many were in their bowl....)

this is Jean from homesteading today, howdy


lol i love this picture. "chooo bonz momma?"

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