Monday, January 19, 2009

Don't You Just Love Dystopias?

It being winter and all, I do a lot more movie watching and since I joined Netflix, I'm having a blast catching up.

Now, I'll make a confession: I adore dystopian and post-apocalyptic movies and books. Why? I have no idea. Maybe it makes me feel better about how the world is today in a "Wow, at least we aren't there yet!" sort of way. Maybe I feel just one little iota more prepared for anything. Maybe it is just good imagination overlaid with the normal human tendency to worry a bit over the future.

Whatever it is, I love 'em. Once I got on Netflix I actually got a few of the "best of" lists off the Internet and searched for all of them. My queue is quite long...

So, recently I watched "The Quiet Earth", a British offering and was pleasantly surprised. It was really quite good. I like the ending and when I listened to some of the DVD commentary on it, it was pretty impressive how they did the effects in a pre-digital movie industry. Give that one a whirl.

Now, I'm watching one I've had at the very bottom of my queue for a long time. I just wasn't that interested in it but it seems to be on everyone's list of ones to watch. "Day of the Triffids". I opted for the BBC, made for TV, version that is broken up into several small bite sized sections. That way it would be less painful if it was truly bad, I figured. Despite the fact that I have no yen for movies based on walking carnivorous plants, I actually liked it moderately. It is on the Instant Viewing list on Netflix if you're bored and want to get that classic out of the way.

Some of the ones on my queue that I'm looking forward to are Equilibrium, On the Beach and Code 46. All of them get horribly mixed reviews and that usually means I'll like them. I'm just so contrary!

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Kevin said...

I haven't used Netflix before, we always use Blockbuster. I will have to check out Netflix.