Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's Dirt Time Again....::sigh::

I've been putting this off. No, that is too mild a statement. I have been putting it off out of sheer dread.

For those who read my blog last year in early spring, you may remember that I built my raised beds and then hauled 10 cubic yards of dirt back to them, one wheelbarrow at a time. It was cold, a bit rainy and my arm hurt for days afterwards.

But here we are again. I'm building more raised beds, more than doubling my garden space, so I'm going to need lots of dirt. I do mean LOTS of dirt. I'm also building a small bed all the way around the house. That means more dirt and even worse, nice heavy blocks of stone to build the beds.

Yehaww...can you hear the sarcasm?

The latest edition of Living the Country Life journal has a great head to head challenge of 11 small utility tractors. Well, not really small but smaller. The range in price from $28K to over $50K. When I think of that dirt and all the dirt to come in my life, I'm almost tempted.

I'm open to any offers of assistence. Bring a wheelbarrow. I'll provide lunch.

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