Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blast From Our Soda Past

Recently, I read a really great recipe for Ginger Beer on a blog and decided to try it out. It isn't done yet, but it did bring up the idea behind trying it. Namely, that I do like the fizzy soda-ness of soda, but just can't tolerate how very bad it is for you. Even though I do admit that I will partake now and then at work, I wish that I wouldn't!

By chance, during a clean out of my frig, I found this. Now, when is the last time you saw a Diet Coke with a pull tab? Sometime in the 70's I'd imagine, yes? Are you now imagining that maybe I've actually had a coke in my frig for more than 30 years? ::laughs:: Not quite, but it has been in there a while. Now take a look.... the other side of the can.

Surprise! Yes, this is from the Middle East. We bought several cases while on the ship since soda became as rare as hen's teeth for quite a while and anything made with ship created water tasted horribly of bromine. A good bit of it made it home as items of curiosity for friends and family and 2 lonely little cans were hidden very well (fell behind the bins on a hidden shelf I didn't know was there).

For those who might ask: Bromine is added to water made from sea water on our ships to kill germs. Our situation was such that we were making water fairly close to a country you wouldn't even want to get in the waters off of, so we were super-brominating the water. Aside from the taste, that much has other, completely unmentionable effects on the body. At that point, even soda is less of a hazard :)


Ruralrose said...

You sure do have a way with words - had me going thinking perhaps you had such an old thing in your fridge and how that could be possible - so i had a nice little giggle, great blog item - my snow is melting fast - hope you are well and safe, peace for all

ATW said...

Haha, Christy this is a good post. I had two trains of thought. 1-not only was that an old cola can, but your fridge must have been back from the 70s also. And then I though no, because those cans look pretty familiar. I wanted to bring some back but I always drank up everything sitting around and waiting to go home. I'll put some away in a few weeks.

Walter Jeffries said...

Aye, this is why beer was so widely consumed in the past. The water wasn't safe. I'm so glad we have good water! I'm not fond of beer. :)