Thursday, March 26, 2009

Herbs are Rising!

I'm always amazed at plants. Over winter I didn't touch my herb pots or garden area. Not once. In fact, I'm just now getting to those and pulling out the collection of pine cones and weird debris that has collected there during storms over the winter.

As I was pulling out piles of tangled pine needles, I realized that almost all of it had already come back to life. Here is flat leaf parsley and St. John's Wort.

And here my Feverfew is growing with amazing speed!

And here is Comfrey, peeking out of it's bed of hay.

And here is one of my second year Rosemary plants, which grew and bloomed most of the winter. It is once again taking the opportunity to bloom like crazy in the spring rains. Actually, if anyone knows how I should collect seed on rosemary without damaging the plant and how to know when they are ready and also the best way to store them, I'd be most appreciative of advice! The old blooms are simply loaded with little cups having 2 seeds each (I think 2).

There are a great many more to see on a tour. More types of parsley, tarragon in huge numbers (which surprises me), 2 types of thyme and oregano that is both lush and aromatic in it's new growth. Ones I didn't at all expect to survive and renew like Lemon Balm and a tender and old catnip are nicely growing as if tomorrow would be just too long to wait.

Surprisingly, given how invasive it is, it appears one of the only casualties in my herbs is the Mint! While others battle it like I battle honeysuckle, I've lost it entirely with not a hint of life from below the withered stems.

For your viewing pleasure we now have Gigi, in her bed at night. We use a sheet over the bedspread because she is shedding for this lovely change of season. Oh the joys of spring with dogs! In case you can't see, she is sleeping with a toy. She tucks it under her arm like a kid would and simply won't settle until she has it just so. I'm thinking she was, at one time, a very spoiled little beagle before she wound up in the dire straits she was in when we got her. And just as a side note, when I come to wake her in the morning, she may have rolled around some in her covers, but she is in the exact same spot and holding her toy. Weird.


fullfreezer said...

I was amazed earlier this week to notice that my thyme and lemon balm were up already and the chives look lovely. I don't think my tarragon survived the -20 we had, but we'll see, it's early days yet. Of course, we've got more snow predicted for tomorrow night so hopefully everything makes it.

Kristina said...

Oooo, envious! I tried keeping a rosemary plant, once... it died fast and quiet. It's so pretty in bloom!

Ruralrose said...

I am envious too - don't be too quick to count mint out, it could surprise you- and that rosemary -wow -never have i seen such a sight, i can't grow it for the life of me (tarragon either), you seem to have the magic touch - aren't dogs one of the finer gifts of life? - peace for all

SuburbanGardener said...

That is so cool that the plants survive and perk up in Spring. Saves time and money, huh? Not to mention work..

Jennifer said...

The herbs look great. I love that photo of your dog, how sweet! She looks very comfortable.


I am not envious....I am downright jealous!!! An herb garden is on my to do list. I can't wait.

Christy on my blog you asked me why chicks would kill each other. chickens are very caniblistic (sp?) The big chickens will eat the babies and I lost almost 100 babies one time to my 5 adult chickens. That was years ago and horrible. These chicks will start picking on a weaker chick and if they pull a feather out and see blood, it is like piranahs. Literally. If you ever pass out in a chicken won't make it out.

FarmHouse Style said...

You have quite a collection of herbs. How wonderful that they overwintered so well.

My rosemary is blooming now too. I had to giggle over the dead mint~ Sorry.... its just that I didn't think it was possible for the stuff to die.


Anonymous said...

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