Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Not All Hard Work In The Garden

March 9th, 2008 - It may seem like it has been all grunt labor up to this was mostly grunt labor, but it was actually enjoyable the majority of the time. This kind of work is new and different.

But there is work that isn't objectionable and work that is fun. Planting seeds and bulbs or setting transplants is just plain fun.

After our weekend of working to set up the raised beds, it was still too early to actually put anything in the beds but it was a perfect time to set up the random selections of summer bulbs I got.

Now that I've read some of the books I realize that I did my selection for flowers in exactly the wrong way and my design is non-existent. However, I don't actually care. The girls and I picked out the bulbs because they were pretty and we wanted to see them grow, not because they were variations on a central color theme or anything like that. So, we have everything from Gladioli in bright colors to crocus in muted colors. Oh well.

Jordan and Vanna enjoyed laying digging in the bulbs in the front bed. We didn't design the layout at all but rather went strictly by height. It is nice to think of their potential while placing them in nice loose fresh dirt.

The weather is still jumping from cold to warm and the nights are cool to cold so indoor activities still reign supreme. My devoted Boscoe and I are snuggled up on the couch here after the day puttering about in the yard.

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