Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Raised Beds - We Have Plants, People!

March 23rd, 2008 was the day we put the first transplants in the ground. Those who are in the know for this area may have noted that is about 2-3 weeks prior to our average date of last frost (depending on your source for the date). Why so early?

Well, it was a two-fer. Many of the transplants had grown unruly, plus I was taking my nieces and nephew on Spring Break to visit my Mom in Florida, meaning my poor sister was going to have to take care of the plants.

Honestly, so many of the transplants had grown leggy that I had little hope of any real success and even while we were placing the transplants, I was starting more seeds in my new and improved Beneful container method. Since those probably wouldn’t even sprout by our return, I didn’t feel guilty about doing that right before leaving. No work involved with those.

We did see a little green bump that would become the first of the early pea plants while we got back and I have to tell you, it was exciting. It takes so little to thrill me these days!

We did have a great time in Florida. We didn’t do any of the theme parks, even though they were very close by because we had done that so many other times. This time, we just had family time with my Mom and my sister Holly and her family. The cousins had a great time just hanging out by the pool at Holly’s house to be truthful.

We took Boscoe as a sort of sniffing tour of the southeastern U.S. and he appeared to have a good time. We discovered that he has a new favorite bed in the big thick air beds. We had two really good ones and he loved it.

On a slightly worrying note, Boscoe starting coughing down there and I took him to an emergency vet. Turns out he likely has some allergies. He got a shot that made him as high as a kite and some antibiotics just in case and some relaxant pills for the rest of the trip and he was fine. Since then I have noticed, even upon our return that he coughs occasionally on high pollen days. He’s been checked and has nothing wrong with him so we’re keeping with the assumption that it is allergies.

It was obvious how much my lovey Beagle girl, Gigi, missed us. Here she is giving her rendition of "Let's Play Mommy. Play NOW!!", to me while out for a walk after I returned.

By the time we got back from Florida, there were a great many casualties for those early transplants. Not because of weather though. If anything, we’ve had a significantly warmer winter than we should. No, it was simply that they were too weak, too leggy or too unhardened to survive.

There was one notable exception and we call it, “The Unknown Plant”. It was the only marker that was either not put in or somehow lost and it was the only one who grew with vigor. Since then, I’ve considered pulling it up, wondering if it is one of the invasive vines from my property that found its way through, but I let it go because it was placed so perfectly in the middle of its square and that seemed too much of a coincidence.

This is what “The Unknown Plant” looked like when we got back.

Since then I’ve come to think that may be the lone Brussell Sprout survivor, but am not sure.

By April 2, 2008 we have Beets sprouting, the bumps where the peas were planted are tiny seedlings and all is right with the world.

There were other survivors that are hanging on to this day, but I haven’t seen much in the way of growth at all since then. Not much at all. I can’t bear to pull them up while they struggle on so, but at some point, I’m sure I will.

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