Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Oh, The Joys of Poison Ivy!

Poison Ivy is the pits! No two ways about it. It spreads, it climbs, it hides around other plants and most of all, it itches!

I'm also not great at identifying it. Because the exact presentation of the leaves can change so much, even in one yard, I'm never exactly sure. I've posted 5 of the pictures here so anyone who looks at it can offer some info on whether or not all of this is actually poison ivy. Note in picture 3 that you can see English Ivy (which came over from the clearing) and invasive honeysuckle too.

There are literally hundreds of these suckers in my yard. There weren't last year but this year, whoo. I'm pretty sure I know why to and that tweaks me off even more.

When the greedy idiots cleared the land behind my house they didn't just kill every animal and plant that was back there in 3 days, they also upset the balance all around them. They opened up to full sun what was being held in check by shade and vice versa. Because they are using something back there that is keeping it down, it has all creeped over to my yard and now I have the poison ivy from hell growing there.

Any ideas anyone?

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