Sunday, May 11, 2008

What are these Tree-ish Things?

If anyone knows what these tree like things are and if they are weeds, I'd really appreciate knowing since I've been looking for over 3 years. Here is the info:
This first one is currently covered in these tiny blossoms that smell very sweet. I've never seen anything develop on it after the flowers, but I was on deployment for summers. This one isn't reproducing like a weed that I have noticed yet.
The second one is a bit more weed like. It has these berries on it now.

The third one is much more weed like. It suckers like crazy and looks a lot like the first one in some ways, but no blooms.

This fourth one reproduces like crazy. It suckers and new ones are sprouting all over the place. It has a very crisp smell when cut.

Okay...if you can help, thanks!


Jagger said...

Hi, Im not sure bout first pic, it seems as tho it maybe some sort of lilac? I there a fragrance? The 2nd is Muleberry, the fruit will be ready soon if u can beat the birds to it:) Its similar to blackberries. Just for some info the feed the leaves of mulberries to silkworms, the same ones that make silk for garments. The third looks like honeysuckle. Very invasive, hard to control..just keep whacking and mowing at it:) Pretty flowers and a great fragrance come from honeysuckles. I also seen your sqft garden pics. Looks good , keep up the good work!:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis,
I can't figure out how to post on this thing except to post to jagger's comment.
As you know, I don't know anything about the tree, but I think it would be interesting to post before pics of the backyard. Get a real feel for the difference, and the progress you've made.