Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Things I Love...Hot Green Tea

While I realize this has nothing to do with the garden actual, it does relate in a very sidewise manner. I mean, I do indulge myself in the things I love after gardening frequently because they offer comfort and after hauling multiple cubic yards of dirt or clipping invasive vines or what have you, I am often in need of comfort.

Hence, there will be some of things I love in here. Umm...mostly if I can get a good picture of it.

It is starting to get warm here and we've had a couple of days that bordered on actual hotness, but the evenings are still brisk and cool. With those cool evenings and open windows comes a real need for a couch blanket and a nice cup of green tea. You may notice from the tag that my poison of choice is Lipton. Yes, Lipton!

It is part of my new adventure to try to become more self sufficient and to be a consumer with a reason rather than a boutique maven. Tea is one small step.

I did a taste test and I chose the Lipton over the pricier small company brand. That said, I also chose the much better grade of honey as the better tasting too so it isn't all economy here!

While I still have my cabinet stocked with overly priced and exotic teas from before, my decaffinated version of Lipton Green Tea, which is just right with a good honey in the evening, now sits proudly right beside them

Ahh...and the gratuitous shot of my dogs after a good run outside for those who love a good couch Beagle.

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